An Inordinate Obsession

I am not a collector by nature, but after living in Italy for almost ten years, I became an admirer of the Italian’s passion to create functional art along with speed. As a visual artist I see these motorcycles as great works of art. I also see the anthropomorphic nature of the motorcycle: the heart, the lungs, the sinews, and the ligaments. There is an overt sexual nature particularly evident in the Italian motorcycle.

In 1962 I fell in love with my first Italian. It was an MV 175 Sport, and I still have one in my collection. Since that day I have spent almost fifty years collecting and restoring hundreds of motorcycles.

People always ask me “Do I have a favorite bike?” My answer is YES, it is either the red one or the silver one…! A collection is really never complete.

Check out the Aermacchi 250 CRTT, it was one of the lustful things I found in a book many years ago.

It started my thinking about collecting, well, maybe three or four bikes. Another bike was the Ducati Diana of the mid-sixties. Then I saw a Gilera Saturno Piuma and I had to have one! Thus started my passion for collecting.

Many of the bikes in this book I had to wait ten, fifteen or even twenty years to locate, acquire and restore. Some of these bikes include the Motobi Zanzani, the Morini Settebello, an MV Squalo, a Laverda 75 Mi Ta,and particularly a Parilla Grand Sport. Throughout my years of collecting, I probably have had as many as three hundred motorcycles. But now that I am older I have become more particular. In this book are the bikes that I love NOW. I am very thankful that I have been able to collect these works of art and share them with my friends.

"Moto" Guy Webster